Spa & Salon Interior Designers

Salon Interior Designing & Services

Although they say, ‘beauty is skin deep’, given the chance every person wants to feel and look extra special on any given day. Your salon is the place they seek, to make them all they feel, glamorous and luxurious.

To make this happen, your salon has to exude that sense of style and glamour that you wish to impart. Digg Interiors is not just any designer, but has the expertise and flair for grandeur.

Your style ideas of décor can easily be incorporated into your salon. Hygienic practices being a must, items are selected on the basis of easy maintenance and cleaning. Whether your working space is small or large our technology driven 3D templates will allow you to arrive at a comfortable work layout.

Add to it product selection – swivel chairs with adjustments, head rest and convertible beds. Hand showers, sinks and towel racks. Recessed lights and wall shades. Quality mirrors of varied shapes. Blinds and partitions for privacy. Glass cabinets for display of beauty paraphernalia. Counter tops, mobile racks and knick-knacks.

Comfortable waiting area with wall to wall paneling and sofas. For that heightened feeling of fresh sophistication, colours and textures are chosen with care. Feel the difference and exude the warmth of elegance at your Salon, with us.