Café Interior Designers

Café the name tickles the nose with a heady aroma of a hot beverage, but it is not the only enticement to lure you. A café is a place where you feel welcome, it is a place that has a kind of ‘incognito’ attached to it. A spot for casual banter or a meet. Alone or in company it invokes an unassuming address.

For all this, an important factor at play is the interior. It is how you place the table and chair, the kind of table and chair, and where you place the table and chair. That said it encompasses the wall décor and the lights. Rugs and installations. A nook for display of contemporary arts or ancient antiquities. Books and tabs to browse. Includes modern self-help gadgets and counter tops that are easy to clean and maintain.

At Digg Interiors we show you how to have an all-out modern look or just that fabulous antique look. Or maybe merge the eclectic modern with the old charm. If your café caters to a motley crowd of people who regularly meet over a casual business meet, a book launch or a promotion, we can help design an interior with simple displays or table décor to make a client feel special. We are designers that work on themes you have, or help you create one.