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How To Design Your Sofa?

The sofa is one of the important furniture pieces in your home. Every guest who visits you first notices sofa in your home and judges your style from there only. The sofa is the second most usable furniture piece in the home after bed. So, designing your sofa is the biggest decision you have to make when you are decorating your new house.

General guide to design the sofa

To ease your problem, here we present the guide for designing the best sofa suitable for your place. To design your sofa, you must consider few things:

  • First and the foremost thing is the habits of the owner of the house or the persons living in the house. Habits will decide the actual use of Sofa in the house.
  • The second thing to consider while choosing the design of the sofa is the room size in which you are going to fit your sofa. This will help to choose proper measurements and design for the sofa.
  • The next thing to be considered is the color of the sofa that your need. You can match that with the color of the room or you can just neutralize the room color and select the bold color sofa.
  • Next is the pattern of the sofa that you are going to buy. The pattern will depend on the space that you are opting to place the sofa in the room.
  • The next thing to be considered while designing the sofa is to choose the correct fabric for the sofa. The fabric will depend on your choice and your use of the sofa in the house.
  • Next, you must consider is the seating type and a number of seats also. This will also depend on your use but it’s better to choose separate seating.
  • Next and the last thing you must consider is the type of the sofa you like. There are many different styles of sofas available in the market and you have to choose your type of your home.


Type Of Sofa Available In The Market

There are many types of sofa available in the market. The best type for you would depend on your choice and the comfort you are looking for while designing the sofa. Below is the list of few types of sofas available in the market:

1. Sectional Sofa:

The sectional sofas are the one which is movable and can be adjusted in any direction easily. These have separator screws which help to detach and also keep the sofa in proper inseparable position also. The common number available for sectional sofa in the market is 3 or 5. There are many styles and fabric to choose from for these sofas as they are becoming popular amongst the crowd.

Cubo White Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa

2. Chesterfield Sofa:

These type of sofas serves the dual purpose. These can be used as stool or bench can be said and also as a sofa with cushions. This is one of the popular styles of sofa since very long.

Kensington Chesterfield Tufted Sofa, Vintage Brown

3. Mid-century Modern Sofa:

These type of sofas has a minimal design but has clean lines. These are designed for comfort and gives fantastic look to the home.

Jackie Classic Sofa, Charcoal Wool

4. Bridgewater Sofa:

These sofas are designed for comfort. If you want to go for comfortable, fashionable sofa in the budget you opt for then for this sofa.

Henry Link Bridgewater Leather Sofa

5. Sofa bed cum storage sofa:

These types of sofas are for a dual purpose. These can serve as a sofa as well as the bed. These can be best usable if many guests frequently visit you as these provide extra sleeping space for the guests.

JH033 Modern Sofa Bed w/2 End Tables

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