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About Us

Digg Interiors - The Interior Designer Professional With A Difference.

We bring your homes to life and make your businesses more vibrant and productive. Come feel the vibe as we take you to your favourite spot in your home or the busiest corner of your workplace.

Digg Interiors started designing homes from the Year 2007 in Hyderabad, India. An interior designing and architecture firm offering high quality, value based solutions to all your designing needs. Digg Interiors have successfully designed a number of projects all over Hyderabad and India.

The 3D visualisation enables you, the customer, to visualise the design layout, the aesthetic contours which includes furnishings, sound, illumination, shadow, reflection and even the air passages. All installations and colour co-ordinates. Any impractical furniture choices, unintended flaws in light effects or use of space are done away with, as our design focused professionals walk every detail with you through 3D ‘photo real’ imagery. This versatility enables you the owner, to actively participate in the making of your home or your business.

In the 3D renderings, our innovative designing experts are inclined towards nothing but the best. Bring in your flat image on paper or a complex visual in your mind and convert into a real time image, you no longer have to do with makeshift ideas. Every detail and aspect of your design can be looked into before it is actually produced.

This dynamic interactive element sets us apart from our peers saving you cost and time, with quality products to match our budget deals. Whether it is a new home or renovation of an old one. An office or corporate suite. A restaurant or a luxury hotel. We offer you efficiency and perfection.

Here are a few detailed services we attend to, in your home or your workplace:

Modular Kitchen Services

Modular kitchen is a kitchen system designed to fit into your workspace, even though it is a pre-fabricated unit it allows the flexibility to shift around according to ones working style. Digg Interiors offers customised units along with a wide range of available modular kitchen brands that you can choose to suit your palate.

Living Room Interiors

From natural light to induced light effects, fabrics and drapes or upholstery designs, the placement of a sofa set from the television or the blending of the music system, the one room that defines your individuality. Walk in with your ideas, draped in ethnicity or brimming with modernism and Digg Interiors will incorporate all of it into your dream room.

Flooring Services

At Digg Interiors we cover the entire surface area with the flooring of your choice. The porch or the gangway, the parlour or the bathroom, the kitchen or the patio. Choose from a wide range of varied materials and textures to stand tall among your peers.

False Ceiling Services

Aesthetically pleasing to keep all the behind the scenes network of pipes and wires away from sight. Digg Interiors designs false ceilings of impeccable precision, incorporating lights and other designs to the roof overhead.

Exterior Design Services

Enhance the overall appearance of your home with landscaping and installations. Our Digg Interior design heads will ensure your comfort inside and outside your home.

Painting Services

Paints and colour designs to elevate the senses. Digg Interiors will assist you in doing up your existing home or office or add that extra special touch to your new one.

Avail our services and see how best we can serve you, look into our portfolio and check our client testimonials how happy they are with our services.